Die RSB Rüttelbohle im Einsatz im Tunnelbau, die mittlere aus dem Baukastensystem.

Due to the modular system, all add-on parts except for the three-point belts are interchangeable between the Large and Medium vibrating screeds.

The MSB Medium concrete paver has a maximum height of 35.5 cm thanks to the "Medium" three-point harness. The end pieces are reduced in height but can be adapted with an attachment frame. The MSB Medium can be used up to lengths of 15 meters and more. In the case of short lengths, operation with a handle is possible. From approx. 4 - 4.5 meters we recommend using hand winches.


ARGE Tunnelkette Granitztal RüMoo Rüttelbohle Medium

Bushaltestelle Strabag Erlangen RüMoo Rüttelbohle Medium​

Sondierstollen Brienz RüMoo Rüttelbohle Medium​

Flughafen Salzburg Strabag RüMoo Rüttelbohle Medium​

KW Kirchbichl Bodner RüMoo Rüttelbohle Medium​

ARGE Tunnel Brandberg RüMoo Rüttelbohle Medium​