The RüMoo compressed air external vibrator

RüMoo compressed air vibrator RM - the compressed air vibrator that can be controlled on the device.

The RüMoo compressed air vibrator is a new development and a patent is pending. What is new is that the air pressure and air quantity, i.e. the speed and thus the vibration behavior on the housing of the RüMoo compressed air vibrator, can be regulated. This allows fine adjustments to be made in a way that was previously not possible.

All RM-models can be adjusted using the adjusting disc. By turning the disc you regulate the air flow and thus the speed and the vibration behavior.

In terms of construction, we are able to quickly change and produce the sizes of the RüMoo compressed air vibrator for special applications.

Various rotor weights can be installed in the RüMoo type RM compressed air vibrator. For example, the centrifugal force can be increased by a factor of approx. 1.8 in the same housing by changing the unbalance weight. A cost-effective alternative to performance variability is therefore given.

The rapid start-up of the RüMoo add-on vibrator runs through the natural frequency of the respective component in a matter of seconds, the component is dynamically stressed as little as possible.

With the RüMoo type RM, concrete compaction depths of up to 80 cm and more, mounted on one side, are possible, depending on the concrete slump, the concrete recipe, the reinforcement and the type of formwork.

From a compressor size of approx. 4 m³/min up to 4 RM60 vibrators can be operated simultaneously.

The concreting of a stationary formwork (e.g. tunnel formwork) equipped with RüMoo compressed air vibrators can be operated from a compressor size of approx. 6m³ /min, at approx. 6bar. When using a pressure regulator, the entire system can be controlled in terms of speed.

The higher the pressure, the higher the speed and vice versa.

The RüMoo compressed air vibrators start up in almost any position without any problems. RüMoo compressed air vibrators are winterproof and almost maintenance-free with an upstream oiler.