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Handheld screed
With battery(24V)  or cable 230V

The RP battery bullfloat (24V) enables fast, effortless stripping with even surface compaction of the concrete. Battery operation makes you independent of a power connection. This eliminates the often annoying power cable and is not exposed to exhaust gases from combustion engines. The RP handheld screed can be easily operated by one person. The most proven working width is 1.50 m. On request, lengths of 1m to 3m angle or rectangular profile are available. The battery life is about 6 hours. The RP battery pad has a speed control, the weights of the unbalance motor are adjustable. 

The squeegee (230V) with frequency converter is delivered for 230V operation. The RüMoo screed is equipped with a 230V DC vibrator. The concrete pad is controlled via a 230 V frequency converter. Its circuit board is encapsulated and therefore ideally suited for use on construction sites. The RP has stepless speed control.

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